Jill Sobule at South Orange backyard concerts

Jill Sobule performs at Backyard Concert hosted by Chris Nadler

Saturday night my friend, Seth Abramson, the artistic director of NYC’s Jazz Standard invited me down to check out an amazing pop singer-song-writer, Jill Sobule at a backyard concert in South Orange.  The show was hosted by Chris Nadler, and also featured the local band, Juicebox.     The backyard was packed.

Jill Sobule’s lyrics immediately draw you in and her voice and music kept me enthralled.  She’s funny, talented and touching – I’m impressed.  My wife, Ramona was tearing up and cheering thru the whole show.  I especially loved her song, ‘Mexican Wrestler.”  Other highlights included “Supermodel”, “Bobby Gentry” and “I Kissed a Girl” which was out in 1995, long before the Katy Perry song.

http://www.jillsobule.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5AGy3RVy9s

The opening act, Juicebox had a few clever songs and one in particular about Maplewood that went over big with the crowd.

Chris’s backyard concert series continues with John Wesley Harding in september.  Chris is the Lifestyle Engagement Director at Emmis Communications.


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