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Maplewood Co-housing

‘Co-housing’ is being considered on Dunnell Rd. in Maplewood.    Co-housing is a planned or customized group of single-family homes that each have their own kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms, but share certain other amenities in order to provide econmonic and environmental benefits.  A cohousing community is planned, owned and run by its residents.  The shared rooms include guest rooms, exercise rooms, a common kitchen for those who may want to share meals, a pool, a workshop, a laundry room and other similar facilities.  This type of living made its way over from Denmark and other Northern European countries.  There are more established cohousing communities out west, but it seems to be spreading eastward.  Do you think this will work in Maplewood?  On Dunnell?

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Maplewood Restaurant Week

Good Eating! check out some of the specials at Maplewood’s charming chow-down week of March 21st to March 27 – Prix fixe, tasting menus, discounted lunches and dinners.