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SID – Special Improvement District in South Orange ?




South Orange businesses have been mostly opposed to the formation of a SID (special improvement district) as proposed by the SID advisory committee.  The SID would pass an assessment on businesses which is the main reason for the negative reaction.  The South Orange Chamber of Commerce and many business owners instead proposed that the BOT (Board of Trustees) work with the Chamber and the business owners directly and develop volunteer programs to accomplish the BOT’s goals for the town.  

In a meeting on tuesday night (11/28/11) the BOT scheduled a workshop to deal with the SID.  It is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6 from at 8 pm at Village Hall. 

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Arts in Orange update

Jefferson St. Mural






Here is an update to previous posts about the art renaissance in Orange NJ.

There are eight live/work lofts and 4,600 square feet of commercial space being built at the corner of Freeman and South Jefferson Streets. Having artists live there would “change and enhance the energy that has already been growing by leaps and bounds”, said Terry Boddie, a New York University art teacher who also runs the Oualie Art Gallery in a Hands-rehabbed space next door to the construction site.

There is Hat City Kitchen (popular restaurant and live music venue) and now Mazzi Dogz restaurant.  Dan Fenelon, a painter, and his wife, Kadie Dempsey, an arts group administrator lead the transformation of a 1905 firehouse on Forest Street into seven live/work lofts for rent.  According to Dan, there are “Huge spaces, so close to the city, way less expensive, near the Highland train station. It’s a cool scene, with lots of other artists around.”

Reconstruction of  the seven story Berg & Co. hat factory building by Hands Inc. into 66 loft condos with 17 artist studios and 3 arts-business spaces is poised to move forward once economic and real estate market begins to gather steam.

See the NY Times article for more info:


Back in Business – Downed Tree updates as of November 7, 2011.  Check the Patch link for prevention measures and other info.

Here are the updates direct from Patch and the Mayor as of Nov. 1

PSE&G reports that it is making steady progress restoring service to the more than 560,000 customers impacted by Saturday’s storm.  In a notice dated Nov. 1 at 11:45 a.m., PSE&G announced that about 95,000 customers were still without power.
Here is the full update from PSE&G:
  • The utility has restored service to 83 percent of customers impacted.
  • Crews continue to work around the clock to restore service.
  • The company expects to meet the state’s goal of having at least 95 percent of its customers restored by Thursday.
  • Counties most affected include Bergen, Essex and Passaic due to the extensive amount of tree and power line damage.
  • PSE&G has 262 crews and troubleshooters, 110 line contractor crews and 212 tree crews working around the clock to restore power.
  • Downed wires should always be considered “live.” STAY AWAY FROM ALL DOWNED LINES. Do not approach or drive over a downed line and do not touch anything with which it might be in contact. To report a downed wire or other visible equipment damage, call 1-800-436-PSEG (7734). Provide the street as well as the nearest cross street.
  • Check on the well-being of elderly neighbors. See if they are safe and if they need extra blankets or other help. Contact local officials if assistance is needed.
  • Caution: Do not try to use a gas oven or range to heat a room. The appliance will deplete oxygen from the air, causing asphyxiation or deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Also be cautious when using space heaters. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and heed warning labels. Be sure all members of the household understand how to operate space heaters safely.
  • To report a power outage, call PSE&G’s Customer Service line: 1-800-436-PSEG (7734).
  • Electric crews work to restore power to the largest numbers of customers first, attending to “priority” customers – hospitals, police stations, fire stations, water and sewer facilities, schools, communications facilities (TV, radio & telephone), and customers on life-sustaining medical equipment. At the same time, the utility restores power to homes and businesses, starting with the circuits serving the largest number of customers.
  • Customers with a handheld device, or who are at an alternate location with power, can also report power outages and view the status of their outage by logging in to My Account at General outage activity throughout our service territory is available online at and updates are posted on during severe weather.
Police Dept (973) 763-3000
Fire Dept (973) 378-7751
Village Hall (973) 378-7715
Public Works (973) 378-7741
Library (973) 762-0230
Recreation & Cultural Affairs (973) 762-0359
PSEG 1-800-436-7734
Emergency 9-1-1