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Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival Update

OK that was a lot of fun!  Sorry for the lousy cellphone pics.

Farm Truck was really Yum – I had Tacos.  The other trucks were tasty too.  The Guitarist was pretty talented.  Hoping for MORE TRUCKS and more beer stations next year!

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Empanadas, Crab Cakes, Disco Fries, Pulled Pork Sliders, Farm-to-Truck, Craft Beer and more… YUM

I’m really looking forward to attending the Food Truck and Craft Beer Fest tomorrow, Friday, October 10 from 5-10pm on Irvington Ave., in South Orange, NJ.

Hoping a new tradition is born.  There should be more of them in town, especially near Seton Hall.

OK That was a lot of fun