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Solar Roof Tiles



I’m really impressed by Elon Musk’s new solar roof shingles.  With a new aesthetic, I hope that individual solar will now accelerate more quickly into residential communities.  Can’t wait to see solar’s upgrade in  NJ.

There have been a number of solar shingle products introduced to the market: Atlantis, AstroPower, UniSolar, BP Solar, PowerLight, Dow, Suntegra and CertainTeed.  Currently, only CertainTeed, Suntegra and Atlantis roof shingles are still available, perhaps because historically high component and installation costs.  Hoping Musk can bring the price down and the marketing up to a level that makes this an attractive alternative to old style roof solar panel systems.

Bottom article delves into pricing.

link to more details Solar article

link to article on prices


Reduce your energy bill


Its cold and you want to keep your heating bills at a sane level without freezing.

The state of New Jersey is offering a program that allows homeowners to receive rebates up to $4,000 and interest free financing up to $10,000 for energy upgrades to a residential property – Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES)

see link for more details


River Clean Up


DSCN1549Each year the Rahway River Watershed in South Orange seems to look better and better.

The banks in Cameron Park (and now Waterlands Park also) get an annual spring cleaning on SO River day.  Sunday there were many concerned citizens (and yours truly) picking up refuse and and disposing of it properly.  Refreshments, Entertainment and the bags were provided.  All you need to do next year is wear your boots and gardening gloves and help out for as long as you’d like.

Maplewood Co-housing

‘Co-housing’ is being considered on Dunnell Rd. in Maplewood.    Co-housing is a planned or customized group of single-family homes that each have their own kitchens and bedrooms and bathrooms, but share certain other amenities in order to provide econmonic and environmental benefits.  A cohousing community is planned, owned and run by its residents.  The shared rooms include guest rooms, exercise rooms, a common kitchen for those who may want to share meals, a pool, a workshop, a laundry room and other similar facilities.  This type of living made its way over from Denmark and other Northern European countries.  There are more established cohousing communities out west, but it seems to be spreading eastward.  Do you think this will work in Maplewood?  On Dunnell?

See links for more info.