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Montrose Music’s Paul Woodiel and Robin Zeh and ‘The Last Ship’

Sting_LastShip_Band_1392s 2

Playing in Sting’s new broadway show, “The Last Ship” is only the latest sweet gig for South Orange resident, Paul Woodiel. He and his wife, Robin Zeh, who is also an extremely talented violinist have organized a series of highly attended House Concerts in South Orange.

Their next House Concert is this Sunday, November 23 at 4pm at 18 Kingman Rd. in South Orange. “La Lyre D’Orphee” features Stacey Shames on harp and Paul & Robin on violin.  The event is hosted by Jen and Jerry O’Leary.

They both have appeared in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Met, Madison Square Garden and many of NYC’s most prestigious venues performing with a wide stylistic variety of very talented groups, ensembles, Broadway shows and orchestras.