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Year End Sales figures for nearby towns


My 2012 sales

Here are pictures of the Essex and Union County homes I guided to closing in 2012.  There were also rentals and referrals which were not included in the gallery below.

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Real Estate conditions improving in South Orange & Maplewood

Below is a snapshot of how the market has performed so far this year compared to last year.
Average Number of  listings is down, which is good for sellers and will begin to affect price.
Average Number of homes under contract is up, showing more buyers are willing to commit.
Average Number of homes closing is up significantly in South Orange.   In Maplewood it’s up only slightly.  In my opinion this indicates that some deals didn’t close because of mortgage or inspection issues, but at least the buyers are now making moves.
Average Numbers of Days on the Market is down in both towns which means homes are selling faster.
One area lagging is Average Sales Price, as you can see.
These are signs of an improving market, so let’s hope it accelerates since mortgage rates and home prices are insanely low.

Area Sales for the full year 2010

Here are the sales numbers for the year  2010 in Suburban Essex and Northern Union counties.   Buyers are returning as the number of sales (sold listings) increased over 2009 figures for the following towns: South Orange, Maplewood, Millburn, Montclair and Summit.  The towns closest to the train lines are feeling the recovery before the others (figures from Garden State MLS).

Please call me if you’ve got any questions about these figures or would like a complimentary CMA (comparative market analysis) done for your home.