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Hat City Streets Festival

Hat City Streets Festival

On Saturday, June 15 from 11am to 9pm come on down to the corner of Forest and Tompkins Streets for the inaugural Hat City Streets Festival.   This free all day extravaganza includes Music, Arts Exhibitions, Family activities, and Food showing the spirit of Orange.

Other festival events will occur at the Firehouse Gallery, Hat City Kitchen, Ironworks, Yema Gallery, Arts Unbound and other spaces in the Valley Arts District.

Enjoy Brazilian reggae, gospel, marching bands, dance ensembles, arts exhibitions by professionals and actual hat-making workshops (Orange had a storied past as Hat City)




Open Studio Artist Stroll – Orange & West Orange

Good things at the Valley Arts District this month – Studio Stroll and Earth Festival.  More info click the link.

When it’s apple blossom time in Orange, NJ we’ll really make a peach of a pair

Jefferson St. Mural

Abandoned Industrial Buildings > Inexpensive Lofts > Starving Artists > Transportation > Good Ethnic Food Musicians > Fun Bars and Clubs > Fashion > Clothing > Contractors > Real Estate Condos > Banks > GENTRIFICATION SEQUENCE COMPLETED

Ironworks, Orange, NJ

Will this happen in Orange, NJ ? Look into Valley Arts District’s galleries and lofts.
I want to check out HAT CITY KITCHEN
on 459 Valley in Orange.   Good Food, Live Music, Drinks
ironworks party
Went to Hat City Kitchen:  Excellent Shrimp with Grits Dish and Killer Pecan Pie!
Went to the Ironworks party today and actually painted for the first time in ages.  This guy’s painting was much better than mine though.