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Eats – NJ Monthly Top 25 Restaurants

NJ Monthly publishes a top twenty-five restaurants in the state and ten are within a 30 minute drive of SOMA.
Here are the top food destinations.  I’ve been to four of them, I’ve got some eating to do.
Maplewood (Lorena’s)
Maplewood (Verjus)
Montclair (Fascino)
Montclair (Laurel & Sage)
Millburn (Common Lot)
Westfield (Chez Catherine)
Hoboken (Cucharamama’s)
Jersey City (Maritime Parc)
Chatham (Serenade)
Morristown (Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen)

NY Times piece on Maplewood, NJ and Brooklyn


“One set of neighbors invited them to a barbecue the day they arrived, while neighbors on the other side invited them to dinner the following evening.”

This is the sentence I like best in The N Y Times piece on Maplewood.  I live in South Orange, Maplewood’s twin brother and that friendliness is one of the reasons I love it here.

I would estimate that three quarters of the buyers I do business with are either coming from Brooklyn, Jersey City, Hoboken, Queens or Manhattan

Here is the post:

Maxwell’s run comes to an end in Hoboken


Wednesday night July 31, 2013 was the last night of Maxwell’s,  a Hoboken institution – The day (night) the music died.  It was a live music institution that anchored the area for all kinds of bands for decades.  It was a neighborhood landmark as a pub and restaurant also.   The block party was quite a scene as the venue always was…