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RIP Laura Grace Stammers Nichols



My sympathies to the family of Laura.

I returned her empty platters to the Blue Plate last thursday afternoon after Laura catered a broker open house for me with her amazing cornbread and tasty specialties. She told me about her dangerous run-in with a pot-hole on Irvington Ave. and how she was in the news. She seemed a little banged up, but was her usual big-hearted self and after a few minutes of chat I was on my way.

It’s now monday and I haven’t really processed this loss for her family, and for South Orange & Maplewood. She obviously made an indelible mark on many of us here in SOMA.  RIP Laura.





Seton Village Development on Irvington Ave.



In a public meeting at Temple Beth-El in South Orange, Doug Zacker of the Seton Village Committee (formerly IACAC) and representatives of the town, (CFO Barry Lewis and two members of the BOT, Sheena Collum & Steve Schnall) had the buyers of a property on Irvington Ave. present more details of their proposal.  The buyers were Josh Mann and David Kasdan, two local developers/residents who are hoping to construct a building with rental units and and a small amount of retail space.

As there is a growing buzz about the area after this fall’s Craft Beer and Food Truck festival, interest in a ‘centerpiece building’ on the main corridor is high.  Some of numbers revealed (four stories between 50 and 57 feet and 72 units) were a concern for many of the immediate neighbors.  There were very legitimate questions about parking, storm water runoff, noise and a loss of sunlight for immediately adjacent single family properties.

In my opinion, 3 stories and perhaps about 50-60 units might be a more appropriate fit for the area.  With the right changes and compromises, I hope it could still be economically viable for the developers.  Stay tuned.




Seton Village is South Orange’s newest brand


Seton Village is the new brand for the Irvington Ave. corridor.  Doug Zacker, the Chairman of the Irvington Ave Corridor Advisory Board announced at Monday Night’s meeting.  A Holiday lighting event will be on Friday from 530-800 at W. Fairview and Irvington Ave.  After the autumn food truck and craft beer fest, this part of town is becoming more of a destination.

Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival Update

OK that was a lot of fun!  Sorry for the lousy cellphone pics.

Farm Truck was really Yum – I had Tacos.  The other trucks were tasty too.  The Guitarist was pretty talented.  Hoping for MORE TRUCKS and more beer stations next year!

20141010_195813 20141010_195232-2 20141010_195927


Empanadas, Crab Cakes, Disco Fries, Pulled Pork Sliders, Farm-to-Truck, Craft Beer and more… YUM

I’m really looking forward to attending the Food Truck and Craft Beer Fest tomorrow, Friday, October 10 from 5-10pm on Irvington Ave., in South Orange, NJ.

Hoping a new tradition is born.  There should be more of them in town, especially near Seton Hall.

OK That was a lot of fun