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Special Improvement District expands down Valley St.



At a Monday night meeting, the Special Improvement District (SID) expanded farther down Valley Street in South Orange.  The expansion passed a Board of Trustee vote 5-0, with several Trustees speaking out in favor and outlining the benefits. A businessman representing a few other affected businesses spoke out against the extra levy.

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South Orange Approves Special Improvement District Expansion


SID – Special Improvement District in South Orange ?




South Orange businesses have been mostly opposed to the formation of a SID (special improvement district) as proposed by the SID advisory committee.  The SID would pass an assessment on businesses which is the main reason for the negative reaction.  The South Orange Chamber of Commerce and many business owners instead proposed that the BOT (Board of Trustees) work with the Chamber and the business owners directly and develop volunteer programs to accomplish the BOT’s goals for the town.  

In a meeting on tuesday night (11/28/11) the BOT scheduled a workshop to deal with the SID.  It is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6 from at 8 pm at Village Hall. 

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