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Tax Re-Assessment


A reassessment of property values is now scheduled in 2016 in the townships of South Orange and Maplewood. The two towns are sharing some of the expenses of the reassessment to save money and the new values will be effective January 1 2017.

The revaluation will hopefully achieve the county’s and the towns’ goals of spreading the tax burden more fairly.  Assessed values have fallen below 85% of market values after three years of a hot real estate market featuring consistent growth in property values.

Maplewood’s last assessment was in 2012, after a full revaluation in 2010 and  South Orange had a full revaluation in 2008 and a reassessment occurred in 2011.   For more info visit the Essex County Tax Board.


West Orange’s Scott Kelly is marathon champ of space travel

scottkellyAstronaut, Scott Kelly (who grew up in West Orange) has currently been in space since March 27.

Together with his previous missions, he has been in space for more total time (390 days) than any other American.

The purpose of this trip is to help scientists analyze space travel’s long term effects (weightlessness, isolation, radiation and stress among others) upon the human body.

Scott’s twin brother Mark is on the ground participating in the study by comparing the way the two age in their different environments.

For more info and links to a few videos (including his conversation with two cast members of the film, “The Martian”, use this link.

Adult Baseball in South Orange

South Orange Sledge

Met Fever has struck South Orange.   Come by Cameron Field on Mead Street on Thursday October 22 at 7pm to play or watch the over 35 set play hardball.  Bring your own glove and cleats and $10.  Town is providing lights, bats, balls, umpire and of course the field.